Forces of Nature (1999)

US: Shrapnel Records / EU: Mascot Records / Japan: Roadrunner Records

  • Vocals: John West
  • Keyboards: Vitalij Kuprij
  • Guitars/Co-Producer: Roger Staffelbach
  • Bass: John Onder
  • Drums: Shane Gaalaas


  1. The Forces Of Nature
  2. Ride Like The Wind
  3. Behind Your Eyes
  4. The Truth
  5. Tall Ships
  6. Shape Shifter
  7. Wild Trip
  8. Guardian Of The Hunt
  9. Lost Horizon
  10. You Are My Heart (Ode To Autumn)


Produced by Mike Varney, Vitalij Kuprij and Roger Staffelbach
Mixed by Mooka Rennick assisted by James Murphy at Prairie Sun Recording Studios, CA Cotati